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Literature Night will based on the premise of literature being a unique creative tool reflecting the elementary dialogue between single voices and cultures who share the same reading experience. Literature is the tool of mutual understanding, cultural exchange helping to break down communication barriers.

Organised by Czech Centres in cooperation with EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) Literature Night’s  aim is to offer the platform to European  countries to present their contemporary writing and to present new European literary voices in a creative way. In 2012 big and small literatures will be presented in many interesting forms in European cities again.



Contemporary literature, famous Czech celebrities, urban charm. For the fifth time in Prague Literature Night  was presented a representative selection of contemporary European literature. During one night  Czech personalities read extracts from the works of contemporary European writers at some of Prague's most remarkable venues. This year twenty interesting venues came alive with literature in Prague Libeň – a district closely associated with one of the foremost Czech writers Bohumil Hrabal. By situating the project outside the city centre the organisers aimed at  pointing out the link between cultural projects and management and the concept of “creative cities” and “urban revitalisation”.  The theme will be further discussed at a conference organised by Czech Centres in cooperation with the Municipal Library Prague on 12th May 2011.

The project was organised by the Czech Centres in co-operation with EUNIC cluster Czech Republic (European National Institutes for Culture). Literature Night presented national literatures of the following countries represented in Prague by their cultural institutes or embassies:  Austria, Belgium – the Flemish Representation, Belgium – Wallonia-Brussels, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. These was joined by the guests of Literature  Night 2011 - Canada  and the USA.  During Literature Night 2011 each of these countries presented a work of one of their authors in a recent translation into Czech.

Literature Night 2011 took place prior to the opening of the biggest book festival in the Czech Republic – the Book World Prague 2011 where visitors will be able to meet in person selected Literature Night authors.Through the Czech Centres´  international network and thanks to their cooperation with the local EUNIC clusters and other important partners and institutions across Europe Literature Night 2011 will take place in various interesting formats in 18 uropean cities.


In London the British Library will host a European Literatuře Night organised by the London  EUNIC cluster with the support of the local Representation of the European Commission. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet seven contemporary European authors who will be presented by famous cultural celebrities. Besides the London event the project will take place at two distinguished literaryfestivals outside the capital thereby fulfilling its ambition to become on of the largest platforms for presentation of European literature in Great Britain.

Czech Centre in Bratislava in cooperation with the local EUNIC cluster has organised a presentation of contemporary European writing in the format of the Prague Literature Night. Slovak celebrities will read extracts from the works by European authors at attractive venues of Bratislava. This year the project will spread to two other Slovak cities – Zilina and Banska Bystrica.

Czech Centre in Moscow reflects the theme of Prague Literature Night in a most creative way. In an old factory situated in the peripheral part of Moscow extracts from the works of Bohumil Hrabal will be read by Moscow poets and actors. The programme will be accompanied by readings from the translations by the Moscow students of Czech language and literature of Hrabal’s Nezny barbar.

Thanks to the initiatives of Czech Centres abroad Literature Night 2011 will take place in a number of interesting forms in Budapest, Bratislava, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Munich, Milan, Kiev, Rotterdam, Warsaw and Stockholm. New European cities join in through the initiatives of Czech Embassies abroad such as Dublin.


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